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Don't worry about your pets

ruffin' it out while you're away.

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Slumber Pawtays

Slumber Pawtays are the MOST booked ahead service and are highly sought after. Your pet will be spoilt rotten while you are away. Overnight visits typically last from 7pm to 8am. Your pet(s) will receive lots of one on one cuddle, snuggle, and enrichment time. Where your pet sleeps is up to you! Midday Enrichment visits are included in the Slumber Pawtay's pricing.

pet nanny


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Just Checkin'
on the Crew

There is much more to your pets than just  setting out food and water. While Britt is Checkin' on the crew, the basics are covered such as feeding, fresh water, exercise and meticulous litter box care. More importantly, any obvious issues like separation anxiety is noted and enrichment items like kongs can be given if available. Britt takes the time to get to know your individual pet’s personality and tailor services to best suit their needs.

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"Dog Walkin'"

From young to old, all pets enjoy some form of enrichment. Sniff walks or Sniffaris are the enrichment version of a regular dog walk. Sniffaris allow your dog(s) to relieve stress and anxiety AND get exercise! 


Service Area

Serving the Sandhills of NC

West End

Seven Lakes


Whispering Pines




...and more! 


the pet nanny

Meet & greets are required prior to beginning services with us. They are a great opportunity for us to meet you, get to know your pets, learn their routine and space, and of course, answer any questions you may have before your booked reservations. 

How meet & greets work:

Once your client portal is set up with the basics, you can directly schedule or can contact Britt directly if you aren't tech savvy! 

During the visit, you'll show off your pets, plants, and the routine. Your pets will have time to become familiar with their pet nanny.

Then, once everyone feels comfortable it's time for questions about paperwork. Your contract and waivers are all on the Time to Pet portal but any questions can be answered during this time, as well as, keys exchanged. 

HURRAH! Now your client portal is complete, you've chosen the dates for your first trip or "trial run" visit, and you can request your slumber pawtays, walks, or check-ins via the Time to Pet app.

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