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Female Dog Walker

the process

Fear Free 

With Britt, My Pet Nanny

Getting started is a breeze, one time sign up for FREE!

Troubleshooting & Support

#1 Account Setup

Set up your Time to Pet account and book online, text, or email directly with the pet nanny.

#2 Confirm Info

Once you have confirmed your information and your pets information Time to Pet will send both of us an email. Then, and only then, will your meet and greet be scheduled!

#3 Meetin' the Nanny

Once your meet and greet has been confirmed, your pet nanny will meet you and your pets at your home, learn the routine, let the pets familiarize and you can exchange keys if you feel it is the best-fit!

This is a great time to show us the the things your pets love and the big "oh no, please don'ts"

#4 Download the App

You can still login from your computer, but imagine those adorable updates while you are away. Submit new requests, create trips, all on the go!

• App Store

• Google Play


Time to Pet

#5 Schedule & Relax

Once care is completed at your home you will receive a Report Card! Your care instructions are followed, all is taken care of while you are away!

#6 Rinse & Repeat!

Keep your pets familiar with the pet nanny so they can relax more and more while you are gone on holiday, on a work trip, or off handling an emergency by booking frequently and far enough ahead so you have locked-in times.

Book Ahead for the Howlidays

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